Training on Effective Communication

By taking part in the “Effective Communication” training program, you will learn about mistakes in internal communication. You will improve your skills in: communication with clients and colleagues, understanding personality psychology, and practicing etiquette in email, telephone, and in-person interactions.

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Effective Online Presentations Training

Would you like to learn how to prepare and deliver an online presentation for your clients, business partners, or supervisors that will resonate with their hearts and minds? We encourage you to explore our training offer.

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Training in business negotiations (online & offline)

Effective business negotiations – negotiation skills training for the sales department. Comprehensive training – preparation for negotiations, determining BATNA, recognizing the interests of the other party, managing emotions in the face of difficult moves by the other party, negotiation techniques, and defense against psychological manipulations.

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Change Management

Change management – training during which you will understand the psychological mechanisms of resistance to change, learn to communicate, and implement change effectively.

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Mentoring 101

The goal of this training is to boost participants’ skills in mentoring as a strategy to become a role model for others and transferring knowledge in the company.

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How to increase proactivity and commitment in the team?

How to increase proactivity and commitment in the team? Online or in-person training.

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The art of identifying and developing potential

How to identify and develop your own and your employees’ potential – training for managers. Gallup Institute, Jung, Belbin’s Team Roles

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Assertiveness and conflict management

By participating in this training, you will find that assertive communication is easy. Moreover, you will strengthen your conflict management skills.

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The Management Academy

The Management Academy – a comprehensive training of crucial managerial skills

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How to run an effective meeting

How to prepare and run an effective meeting?

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Effective Time Management

By participating in the “Effective Time Management” training, you will learn to do the right things in the correct order. You will understand the psychological mechanisms underlying procrastination and learn how to overcome it. You will get to know several great techniques for increasing your effectiveness. You will learn to cooperate more effectively with colleagues from other departments. You will also improve your skills in work-life balance.

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