Institute of Business Psychology

Institute of Business Psychology

The company was founded by an organizational psychologist and popularizer of psychology, Grzegorz Gustaw, who has over 12 years of coaching, training, and consulting practice on the Polish and foreign market.

The Institute of Business Psychology was born to provide clients with the best business training, coaching, mentoring, and consulting. We care about assuring above-average customer service, reliability, and professionalism in every aspect of our work.

The highest quality of our services is proven by numerous recommendations and the fact that among our customers are top brands recognized globally.

The staff of the Institute of Business Psychology participates in both HR and psychological conferences and train the trainer courses.

We run full-time and post-graduate studies as well as workshops for trainers and consultants. We feel responsible for making the educational sector better.

Our mission is to provide efficient solutions tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Our values

CUSTOMER-CENTRICITY Improving your company’s effectiveness is our goal. We make a great effort to diagnose your needs and propose the best solutions.

PROFESSIONALISM We approach the role entrusted to us uprightly. We guarantee the highest level of service at every phase of your order.

CONFIDENTIALITY We are distinguished by above-average meticulousness in our approach to protecting the sensitive information our clients provide to us regarding their companies

KNOWLEDGE We attach great importance to the transfer of effective techniques and skills as well as reliable knowledge, based on current research conducted by leading universities.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT We live in times of tremendous changes. We follow trends in the field of business psychology, consulting, and teaching. We acquire the latest tools and technologies. We conduct training based on effective training games. We are still learning and updating our products to increase the effectiveness of our work for your success.

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